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special k church


“Special K”

A very interesting program began as an “experiment” … Designed for children in Kindergarten, it fostered their interest in and understanding of the process of Religious Education. We meet in church monthly, on Wednesday afternoon at 4:30. After gathering for prayer and a simple activity, the children go to the Parish Center and the parents remain in church for some quiet time. The theme has been “Welcoming Jesus” and we have covered many topics: Prayer, Sharing, Community among them. This year, the Program will begin in November, and we have expanded our range of topics to include some holiday traditions and explanations of the Church seasons so that a young child may connect more easily with parish life. The program is entirely voluntary- so come and see! If you plan on coming, email Sister Diane so we have enough materials.

Dates for 2018 / 2019

 October 10, November 14, December 12, 2018, January 9,  February 13  March 13

April 10 , May 8, 2019,