Welcome to Our Lady of Lourdes Religious Education

Mission Statement

As stewards of all that God has given us, the Parish Family of Our Lady of Lourdes serves and ministers to all who come to this place.  Regardless of a person’s history, ethnicity, gender, orientation, age or race, we commit ourselves to open wide the doors of our Parish to provide a place of welcome and hospitality.


OUR RELIGIOUS ED PLAN is to move forward with hope and new possibilities in a safe environment for all in accordance with the Diocese of Rockville Centre COVID guidelines and New York State COVID guidelines in place.

Our Religious Ed Website / Calendar will have GRADE LEVEL DATES /TIMES, ETC. coming soon

Please note specific information regarding  GRADE LEVEL CLASSES, ETC.will be explained at designated Grade Level Parent Meetings and through emails.




Our Lady of Lourdes is open for Sunday Mass and Daily Mass  schedule will be (including Live Stream):

4:00pm–4:45pm :: CONFESSIONS
5:00pm :: MASS

8:00am :: MASS
9:30am :: MASS
11:00am :: MASS
12:30pm :: MASS

6:00pm :: MASS

Monday – Saturday… 8:30am MASS

There are some GUIDELINES that we need to follow.

  1. Seating capacity is limited to 25% of the building’s seating capacity. We will be opening the All-Purpose Room as well.  Pews will be “roped off.”  We ask that people sit at the end of the row only.  Families may sit together!  By sitting at the end of the aisle, we can easily maintain the 6-ft. “social distancing.”

  1. Every person over the age of two (2) MUST wear a mask (unless the individual has breathing issues).  Any homemade mask is fine, just as long as the mask or scarf covers the nose and mouth.  There is no need to wear gloves.  The Center for Disease Control recommends gloves only when cleaning and when caring for the sick.

  1. There will no hymnals or missalettes for the near future.

  1. There will be NO holy water in the fonts BUT you can obtain holy water from the Holy Water dispenser/tank in the main vestibule.

  1. There will be NO Sign of Peace.

  1. There will be NO Offertory Procession with the gifts.





 Pantry Needs:

Soap,Toilet Paper, Shampoo, Coffee, Rice-A-Roni, Juice




Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults

What’s it all about?
IF you are an adult AND
…you were never Baptized
…you were Baptized in another faith and would like to become a baptized Catholic
…you never received Holy Communion (Eucharist)
…you never received your Confirmation
…Come join us!!

For further information email RCIA @ollchurch.org or call the Parish Office at 631-661-3224,option 1 and we would be happy to help you.


Please click VIRTUS link to register or for a list of sessions